X-mas Calendar day 18

Meet Besime!

Our CEO and also the designer behind our upcoming board game Sammu-ramat! She has this to say about Xmas:

"Christmas has always been one of my favorite Holidays. It is a holiday full of light, hope and care. I wish the spirit of Christmas could last the whole year around.

My favorite Christmas tradition is playing games with my family. All of us gather around a board game, young and old. We usually play quiz games, so Ion Game Design’s upcoming game Smarter than a Monkey will most likely be a new favorite in our family. It is a quiz game that everyone can be involved in and have some new extra elements.

The whole of December is a nice period, the anticipation and longing for Christmas Day, and all the fantastic yummy ”Swedish julfika” that you get to eat.

For 2022 I am looking forward to publishing more fantastic games and bring it to all our wonderful customers that has been with us in this journey in all the ups and downs. It is also going to be nice to see the physical copy of my game Sammu-ramat within the next year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

You heard the boss queen, get some of that fika! Until tomorrow, friends, see you then!

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