Are all the games in English?

All games in our product catalogue is published in English by Ion Game Design. Some of our license partners will then eventually publish our games in their own language. 

lf you are a publisher interested in licensing any games in this campaign or in the Ion Game Design catalog for a non-English language, please contact: Besime.uyanik@iongamedesign.com


What discounts do you have for retailers and distributors? 

Retailers receive 45% discount on MSRP and distributors 60% discount. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners please sign up using following form


Are there minimum orders requirements?

We do not at the moment have any minimum orders requirements for retailer and distributors.


Do you apply incremental bonuses based on revenues?

We do not at moment have this type of bonus but it is possible to establish them in private dealings.


There is the possibility to get deferred payments?

Invoice payment terms are 10 days NET. 


Which are the payment methods?

The payment methods are: wire transfer, Credit card, PayPal. 


How much is the cost of shipment?

Shipping cost is based on weight of order. We have in total four fulfillment centers; in the US, Germany, UK and China. In this way we try to keep down the shipping cost and avoid VAT and import taxes for our customers. 

Orders above 1000 USD get FREE shipping.


Do you have a stock balancing policy? 

Some products are eligible for stock balancing and the undamaged games can then be returned to our warehouse within 6 months and you receive credits that can be used to get other products from the ION product line.