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Dawn on Titan Board Game

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How to play

How to play?

On each turn in their board game, players have 3 actions to “spend” on many different options.

Fly – move a number of spaces determined by which orbit your ship starts in. Your ship must move in the direction of the ships color, but doesn’t have to be the color of the orbit it’s moving through

Immelmann – change the direction of your spaceship (gold to silver, vice versa)

Explore – flip a moon or moonlet with the same directionality of your ship

Build – build an industry from your player mat on an explored (flipped) moon



  • game board
  • player board
  • space ship pieces
  • combat cards
  • card upgrades





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    Alien Expansion

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    In a not very distant future, corporations fight over control of space. As you wage war against your fierce competition by exploring and exploiting the moons and asteroids in the outer parts of the solar system, you will need to maneuver your fleet of spaceships through violent electrical currents in order to collect the resources to build mines and factories. There are multiple paths to victory… however, whichever path you may choose, be careful to plan your moves and outwit your opponents!

    Game designer: Björn Ekenberg

    Artist: Madeleine Fjäll

    Complexity: 2.00