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Insecta board game : Facsimile edition Board Game

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PRE-ORDER SHIPPING IN Q1, 2025, as long as we reach the minimum preorder number of 500. 

This is the first and last time we will ever reprint a Facsimile of the original version of Insecta board game. We will only print 1500 copies in total.

Insecta - The Complete Facsimile edition. Exclusive numbered edition.

We have done serious digital mining. 

There has been a ritual-like resurrection of a very old (23 years) Mac by the hands of the game’s original developer Neal Sofge.

The actual digital files used for printing Insecta have been brought into RAM light again and made able to interface with modern, state-of-the-art mass-production printers.

Phil has lost his last copies of the game but we have found a copy to use as reference and will seek to mimic paper quality, texture and printing colours as closely as possible in order to make the full authentic Insecta experience available for acquisition for a limited time.

Do not miss out on getting this game!

Insecta - The Complete Facsimile edition Includes:


Insecta: Rainforest

Insecta: Trilobite


Game designer: Phil Eklund

Game Developer: Neal Sofge

Artist: Phil Eklund

Complexity: 2.74

Original Publisher: Fat Messiah Games, Sierra Madre Games

This is the original Insecta board game of the 1995 edition. There are no changes made to rulebooks or components and the printing quality will be as close as possible to the original copy. 

The only difference is that each facsimile copy will include a numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the game designer Phil Eklund.

Insecta is a game of bug-to-bug conflict and combat. Players design a mutant bug team and with them attempt to escape from "The Hive," filled with real-world arthropods and controlled by an adversarial "Hivemaster"-player (somewhat akin to a dungeon master). The game comes with mutant bug displays (including higher-level ones swapped in as the bugs mutate), design cards and mapsheet.




8 mutant displays

2 sheets of design cards and markers


1 sheet of player-aid cards

1 sheet of counters                                           



4-page rules annex

sheets of Hive bug cards, bug design cards, venom cards

2 pixie displays

15 pixie design cards

assorted markers and counters



4-page rules expansion with pull-out design card reference sheet

sheets of Hive bug cards, bug design cards, catastrophe cards



Tournament Rules and New Rules sections of the Macro Owner's Manual will be an additional one-page bonus inclusion.