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Neanderthal Board Game [2nd edition]

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How to play

How to play?

In this board game you will play through the critical epoch during which this change occurred. After millions of years of an uninterrupted, modest nomadic existence, we suddenly developed complex language, began forming tribes and building villages. You play as one of the human species existing at that time. The game system enables you to follow your tribe's evolution as well as that of the environment in which you live.



  • Placards
  • Tribesmen 
  • Large tribesmen
  • Disks
  • Cards
  • Dice
  • Achievement sheet
  • Arrowhead

Humanity's evolution as a species has accelerated over the last 30,000-40,000 years in a manner unparalleled in the evolution of life on Earth. What triggered this change? Genetic mutation? Probably not. Our brains and anatomy have remained relatively unchanged for 4 million years. An encounter with different hominid species? Perhaps...

Expected reprint date not confirmed. 

Game designer: Phil Eklund

Artist: Karim Chakroun, Phil Enklund

Complexity: 3.70

Photo credit: Marcel from Free The Meeple