High Frontier 4 All ETA and pictures from mass production

We have now received some pictures from the factory in China that has started the mass production of High Frontier 4 All core game + module 1 + module 2 +upgrade + neoprene mat. 


(Note! Most of the mass production of wooden and plastic components ( except 3d-figures) are done since Longpack started with this earlier.)

Although it is really nice that mass production is now ongoing we have hit yet another bump in the road for this project. Our contact person at Longpack  informed us about the following:

 "The injection production department for Rocket , Benals and Torus, has informed that  the molds need to be repaired.  The estimated time when the mass production sample will be provided is around September 15th."

What does this mean for you as customer? If we get the mass production sample by mid-September and approve everything the same day then production will be done by end of September. It then takes 1 week to get the games to our fulfilment centre in Hong Kong and about 6 weeks to our fulfilment centres in Germany and USA.  And from the fulfillment center 1-3 weeks depending on how fast they will send the games and how far they are from you. 

Why do we receive a mass production sample? Longpack always takes out one set of the complete game once mass production in the big machines starts and send to us to confirm that everything looks ok.


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