Pax Illuminaten clue 3 and the team behind the game

Pax Illuminaten clue 3 and the team behind the game

The team 

For each game that we create we have a fantastic team of people involved in the project. They put a lot of time and passion to every little detail to create games that we love and we believe will bring years of incredible gaming experiences to the folks who love games as much as we do is an unparalleled experience. 

With this said we are happy to introduce to you the team that have worked with Pax Illuminaten; We have of course the designer Oliver Kiley and you can read his Long and Winding Road to Pax Illuminaten. The two other people that have put a lot of passion in this game is Robin Spathon Ek, Game developer and one of the solo game designers, and Madeleine Fjäll, Artist. Robin and Madeleine have both been at Ion Game Design for about three years and been involved in games such as Bios:Mesofauna, Pax Viking, Vendel to Viking, Sammu-ramat and Pax Viking Junior. Finally overseeing the project is the Creative Director Jon Manker. 

Of course there is several other both internal and external people involved in the projects such as all great playtesters :)

Can you find clue nr 3?

Pax Illuminaten boardgame Luminary cards incl. clue 3



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