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Pax Maleficium Fall of the Witch Hunters Board Game

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How to play

You play as one of the persons that saw beyond the hysteria in the society concerning witchcraft.  By promoting Enlightened thought, Religious tolerance and Legal skepticism you will succeed and eventually your work will lead to changes in the law. You do this by gathering evidence, confronting witch hunters, dispelling hysteria, and championing justice, securing your legacy as the one that ended the witch hunts. 

Buy cards from the market to acquire allies and evidence. The allies in your tableau give you actions and influence. Position yourself on the map to take actions and challenge witch hunters. Calm hysteria and thwart your opponent’s plans.

The game can be played competitively, cooperative or as a solo game.


What's in the box

General item

1 Rulebook
1 Map board
100 Coins

Player board items

5 Player boards
55 Upgrade markers


49 Market cards
54 Evidence cards
40 County cards
7 Witch Hunter cards
11 Trial cards
10 Victory cards

Player components (in player color)

4 Player meeple
52 Player Influence disks

Map components

2 Patreon meeple
30 Reason cylinders
10 Witch Hunter meeple
1 Trial Token
9 Hysteria Source markers
100 Hysteria triangles





Pax Maleficium infographic

ESTIMATED SHIPPING IN Q4, 2024 (Changes in dates may occur.) 


The game is in development and this page will be updated with new images and more details as the board game takes form.  

Game design: Björn Ekenberg & Jon Manker

2D Artist: Axel Kai Nilsson

Game developer: Matti Bergh

Pax Maleficium boardgame is a strategy game where you play as a leader in the fight against the 17th century English witch hunts. A person who through reason saw the wrong doings, the maleficium, in what the witch hunters pursued. A person dedicated to bringing this horrible practice to an end and making the witch hunters fall from grace.