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Pax Illuminaten Board Game

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How to play

Pax Illuminaten is a crunchy boardgame that packs a lot of punch in a small box. A few key highlights of the design:

  • Players will explore a map of Luminary cards (18th-century figures) and build co-occupied connected networks as they try to accomplish game-winning plots.
  • The victory conditions change every game, with a high degree of interaction as players strive to outmaneuver their opponents to achieve the victory conditions first.
  • Multi-purpose and multi-suited cards create deep decisions and tough calls. Cards are used for building the map and accomplishing goals, resource generation, actions, and resolving battles between players.
  • Core mechanics include area control, territory/network building, and hand management. Mix in a dose of negotiation and double-think/bluffing, and you have Pax Illuminaten.

Overall, the game provides a unique, historical look at the theme combined with rich gameplay and relatively quick playtime, all in a compact package.


What's on the box 

Cardboard 2 Piece Box 155x155x70
Rulebook 140 x 140 mm
Luminary Cards 64 X 89 mm
Faction Cards 64 X 89 mm
Event Cards 64 X 89 mm
Plot Cards 64 X 89 mm
Starting player card 41x63 mm
Contact cards 41x63 mm
Areopagus placards 140 X 140mm
Influence tokens 15x15x4 mm
Favor tokens ca 13 mm
Action Cubes 8 mm
Ziplock 100 X 120mm
Chamberlain token
Bot placards 140x140mm
Bot token


Pax Illuminaten iconography

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Conspire with rivals. Enlighten the World. A big game in a small box. 

1776. Bavaria. You are an Areopagus, a disciple and founding member of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. Your charge: spread forbidden Enlightenment thinking into the highest reaches of the Holy Roman Empire, undermine its authority, and set the stage for revolution.

Game designer: Oliver Kiley

Game developer: Robin Spathon Ek

Artist: Madeleine Fjäll