Shipping of Bios:Origins, Bios:Megafauna, Bios:Genesis, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana

We have unfortunately had some delays in our manufacturing and the new estimated shipping is October for following games: Bios:Origins, Bios:Megafauna, Bios:Genesis, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana.
If you have ordered other games at the same time as any of these games, then they will be shipped out together.

The mass production of Bios:Genesis and Bios:Megafauna is scheduled to be shipped from Longpack to our fulfillment centers by end of this week.

Due to some last minute updates of Pax Transhumanity, and due to production queues at the factory, the production at Panda is running late. Panda estimate that it will be shipped out from the factory by mid-September. The fulfillment centers (Aimplify, Funagain and VFI) are informed about the situation. All three fulfillment centers have received information about the products dimensions along with the backer lists and are ready to ship your games as soon as they all have arrived to them. For those of you who have taken advantage of combined shipping and ordered other items from our web shop, these will be shipped in a combined shipping so you get all games at once. The only exception will be cases where the games are only available at one fulfillment center, for example Expedition Zetta which is sent from Aimplify in Germany to all destinations.

If you have any questions about shipping then do not hesitate to contact
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