SPIEL 2018, Essen

Sierra Madre Games and Ion Game Design will as usual attend SPIEL 2018 in Essen, Germany. The fair runs between October 24th and October 28th. If you are at the fair, please stop by our booth 4D124 (same place as last year).

You can help us a lot by clicking the “thumbs up”-icon and “Interested” or “Must Have”-button on the BGG Essen 2018 list. See the links below. If you follow them, do the clicking and also share them in your network it would mean a lot.  If you are interested in joining any of the playtests, you may come to the booth at the fair and reserve a seat. The spots are limited so you can also reserve a seat in advance using the links to the right below:


GAME Link to help us on BGG Link to Playtest reservation
Pax Emancipation Help Pax Emancipation Reserve for Pax Emancipation
Expedition Zetta Help Expedition Zetta Reserve for Expedition Zetta
Greenland Help Greenland Reserve for Greenland
Neanderthal Help Neanderthal Reserve for Neanderthal
Pax Transhumanity Help Pax Transhumanity Reserve for Pax Transhum.
Bios:Origins 2 Help Bios:Origins 2 Reserve for Bios:Origins 2
Heroes of the Board n/a Reserve for Heroes of Board
HIRÞ n/a Reserve for HIRÞ


At our 6 tables at Spiel Messe Essen you can try all the games for sale or on the new kickstarter: Neanderthal, Greenland, Pax Emancipation and Expedition Zetta, Pax Transhumanity (prototype) and  Bios:Origins 2 (prototype). In addition to this, there will be an opportunity to playtest HIRÞ – The Viking Game of Royal Conflict and an early prototype of a future game that we are working on: Heroes of the Board (working title, early prototype).

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