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Kartini - From Darkness to Light Board Game (RETAIL)

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How to play

How to play?

Sequence of play - Kartini is played over 3 Rounds. Each Round has 3 phases:   

Action phase - In turn order, each player chooses to take 1 of the actions below. The available actions are:

  • Hire a Teacher
  • Recruit Puples
  • Register Students (requires a matching Puple)
  • Gather Books
  • Graduation
  •  Advance on the “From Darkness to Light”- track
  • Pass

When all players have Passed, proceed to the Milestone phase.  

Milestone phase

  • Score this Round’s Milestone

Clean up phase

  1. Adjust your Reputation
  2. Gain Duits based on Endowment level
  3. Refresh the Student and Hero card rows
  4. Refill the Islands with Puples
  5. Return (or Flip in Co-op) any used Donate tokens



  • Rulebook
  • Progression board
  • Map board
  • Player aid cards
  • School boards
  • Student row stripes
  • Students cards
  • Hired Teacher cards
  • Hero cards
  • Milestone cards (Competitive + Coop milestones
  • Event cards
  • Kartini cards
  • Pupil meeples (wood)
  • Prinicipals (wood)
  • Schools (wood)
  • Trackers
  • Enemy cube
  • 300+ Punchout tokens




Game designer: Sherria Ayuandini






Kartini infographic
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During Indonesia’s struggle for independence in early 1900, manage your school, graduate girls from different islands to become politicians, patrons, fighters and teachers themselves. Advance education for women and fight for the nation’s freedom.

Educated women are the pillars of a free nation.