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Q: My game is missing some components?

A: Please fill out the following form and we will send you replacement parts: 


Q: My game has some components that are damaged?

A: Please fill out the following form and we will send you replacement parts: 



Q: Can you please give me an update about when my order will be sent? 

A: Please send an email to info@iongamedesign.com and we will check your order and get back to you. Please note that the response time is 5-10 days. 

Q: What's Taking So Long? 

A: There has been a queue in production here at ION caused during the world events in 2020-2022. To decrease a queue is a gradual process, and it is continuously decreasing, which is great! We try to keep customers updated through the Production Pipeline

Q: Will I receive a tracking number for my order?

A: As soon as your order is shipped by the fulfillment center they will send you a tracking number by email. Tracking numbers are not handled by ION.


Q: Could I please cancel my order?

A: Please send an email to info@iongamedesign.com and they will help you to cancel your order and receive a refund. 


Q: How can I make changes to my order?

A: Unfortunately our webstore does not allow you to make any changes to your order once payment is made. If you want to make any changes then please send an email to info@iongamedesign.com and they will help you to make changes to your order. 


Q: How Difficult Are Ion's Games?

A:  You can understand the level of difficulty of ION’s games looking at the weight given trough the Board Game Geek weight system.

Factors that affect a game's weight include:

  • Amount of rules
  • Gameplay length
  • Amount of luck
  • Technical skill required (math, planning, reading, etc.)
  • Amount of choices available
  • Amount of bookkeeping
  • Level of difficulty

BGG uses a 5-point Weight scale:

  • Light (1)
  • Medium Light (2)
  • Medium (3)
  • Medium Heavy (4)
  • Heavy (5)

Ion Game Design covers different levels of difficulty. From the easiest ones (like StegegetS), to the most elaborated ones (like High Frontier 4 All).










We have set production schedule for 2024-2026 so at the moment unfortunately we do not accept any game submissions. However in line with ION’s vision to spread board gaming culture we want to offer that benefit without restraint! You can bring life to your game ideas with our Masterclass in Boardgame Creation and Publishing service. 


Tips on how to buy the world's best gifts via our website.



At Ion Game Design we fully embrace the crowdfunding path for our games making it the standard way we introduce our games to the market.  There are several reasons why.

  • Community. First and foremost we believe in a continuously evolving relationship with our players. Through crowdfunding we can share the later parts of the development process with you all and open up for feedback and other involvement.
  • First access. You are ensured to get the game in the first wave of shipping, the same wave that is sent to shops.
  • Good price. We always offer our games at a good price for those who back them on Kickstarter. In addition we also offer combination packs at even better prices that are normally not found later in our webshop.
  • Only actual shipping cost. As usual we will only add actual shipping costs to any order, nothing extra for handling. This will be added afterwards in the pledge manager which avoids it to be increased by campaign fees as well.
  • Combined shipping advantage. The pledge manager will as usual contain add-ons and all our other games. We will combine the shipping costs for all extra items bought in the pledge manager and any games backed during the Kickstarter.
  • Be a supporter of our efforts for the benefit of all. By backing the games you make it possible for us to have a more stable development process and to order larger print runs, and thus making it possible for the price per game to be lower for all of you.


At ION we always try to improve and get better for this reason we are curious to hear from our friends out there in the world.  You are welcome to contact us at info@iongamedesign.com


If you are interested in working or doing an internship at Ion Game Design do send a CV to info@iongamedesign.com and we will get back to you if there is any possibilities. 


More information will follow. 


Q: Can I Come To Your Store?

A: No, we don't have our own store, but hey, what a nice webshop :)


Q: Why is all prices in $US? 

A: We use USD in all our transactions as much as possible. We have set up a bank account that is run in USD, even though the bank is located in Sweden. This is to secure the value of backers money from fluctuations on the currency market, which otherwise is a risk. All manufacturers in China want the payment in USD. We also avoid some exchange service costs and can all in all keep prices lower this way.

NOTE, the prices are only written in USD, but you can use any currcency through a credit card to paypal


Q: My neoprene mat is badly bent, how can this be fixed?

A: You can iron the neoprene mat. Just make sure you use parchment or a shirt between it and use the lowest "steam".

Q: The miniatures are bent/deformed, how can this be fixed?

A: Unfortunately the bends on plastic miniatures can easily happen. You can fix it by putting the base in hot water in 10-15 sec, shape the miniature and then add to cold water in 10-15 sec. 

Q: I am missing the stickers for Stationfall?

A: Sticker sheets are not in the printed game. There were stickers for the bags, but when we tested it, it was enough with clear plastic bags, the stickers were just in the way. There were also stickers that were to go on the bases for the minis, but we found there is not enough room to make them readable.