Artistic freedom vs. scientific facts.

Look at the picture above. Just a lovely picture of a game set in space, yes? Well, no. It caused quite a lot of controversy in its day. There is a whole thread on BGG on how we got almost most of it wrong. This is the first version of the box cover for our game called High Frontier 4 All, and boy, oh boy, were we getting jiggy with the artistic freedoms. It's well worth the read to see just how many blunders we could jam in that one picture.

What did we learn from this, then? Well, for one thing: We have the best fans. The level of commitment and knowledge that you guys possess! And the fact that you are willing to spend your time teaching us makes us feel so grateful and frankly impressed! (Y`all should apply to work with us, we could use people of your caliber!) Another life lesson when it comes to board game designing is that we should keep things transparent, so as to be able to make use of the vast knowledge and sharp eyes that we have out there in the board game world. And last, but not least, art is important, and so are facts. We love both equally and will aim to hold our standards high and true on both. 

Thank you so much, you mean the world to us. And the planets. And all of space and time. 

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