Essen Spiel 2021!

Come playtest with us! Booth 5G121 Hall 5.

Note! Links to playtest schedules are now closed for entry! BUT! You can still come by our booth and register manually with us! Booth 5G121 Hall 5. Welcome! 

HF4 module 4 
Dawn on Titan 
Pax Viking 
Smarter than a Monkey 
Pax Renaissance

We are so excited for this! And! We're bringing tattoos, so come on over and get inked at our booth! (No, not really, they're the temporary kind that only lasts a couple of days. Unless you decide to go get it done permanent?)

And another fun thing is our Instagram challenge #EssenceOfEssen! Take a picture that captures the Essence of Essen Spiel 2021, with one of our tattoos visible in it, follow us on Instagram, tag us in it and add the hastag #EssenceOf Essen. Everyday at 3 PM we announce a winner - who wins an Ion game! (Note, this must be picked up at our booth during the expo.) 

Good luck! 

Remember: Booth 5G121 Hall 5! 

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