Now is the time! Kartini - From Darkness to Light and Third Crusade

Now is the time! Kartini - From Darkness to Light and Third Crusade

Kartini: From Darkness to Light and Third Crusade

launch on Kickstarter June 6th. 

Why should you back Kartini: From Darkness to Light?

The number one reason Super Backers give for backing a Kickstarter is a campaign that offers something special. This is followed closely by the desire to support a new effort from someone to admire.

Designer Sherria Ayuandini is certainly someone to admire… and we think you will admire her work ethic, clever design strategy, and focus on inspiring others by creating a board game that highlights the fact that “Educated women are the pillars of a free nation” as much as we do.

Sherria has surpassed her goals in creating Kartini: From Darkness to Light. From the clever gameplay to the inspirational theme, this is a unique gaming experience that you will want to be sure to have in your game collection. It is indeed something special!

Support an inspirational game & make dreams come true!

As we prepare for the Kickstarter campaign launch on June 6th, we hope you will take a look at the interview between Sherria Ayuandini, Christienne Hinz, and Elizabeth Davidson on Beyond Solitaire to see what even the Zenobia Award panel of esteemed board game judges saw when they awarded Sherria’s design as a Finalist.

Then please back Kartini: From Darkness to Light on Kickstarter so we can make this important board game about the reality of struggles for women to achieve educational goals in Indonesia a reality!

But is it fun to play? It sure is!

It’s clever and fun and a joy to play! Kartini: From Darkness to Light offers a unique combination of gameplay mechanisms, such as Worker Placement decision making with Passing based Turn Order, plus Events that occur throughout the game, with End Game Bonuses and Hidden Victory Points that combine with the importance of its theme to make a fun and inspirational gaming experience you won’t soon forget and will want to experience again and again.

Kartini From Darkness to Light game setup

Why should you back Third Crusade?

We know that you have many choices when it comes to where you spend your gaming budget, especially on Kickstarter. Third Crusade, however, is not your run of the mill choice in a war game. 

You are going to hear this from us a lot because we can’t stop talking about the unique gaming experiences that happen every time folks play Third Crusade. With a one versus one or two versus two player count, players begin as allies but there can be only one victor. So there WILL be betrayal… lots of it!

That’s not even the most unique part!

While immersed in the historical battle by three European monarchs of Western Christianity to reconquer the Holy Land of Jerusalem in 1187, opponent’s select cards for each other and gain Combat points for the cards they choose. It’s a balance that requires cunning and stealth as you seek to gain enough Glory for your Alliance while earning enough Fate for yourself.

Oh no, did we forget to mention that you also need to maintain the battlefield, keep up reinforcements, and manage resources or you might end up with an army that dies of thirst? 

This wargame is wild and offers a fresh combination of game mechanisms that we haven’t seen combined anywhere else! 

There’s a reason why THE David Turczi, after playing an early prototype of Third Crusade, couldn’t get it out of his head and HAD to bring it to us so we could help make Kieran Symington’s design a reality! That’s right, Third Crusade is designed by Kieran Symington, who has developed and playtested countless game designs and is no stranger to the hobby despite this being his first game design. We know you will love it as soon as you start playing and it will be a staple in your game collection. 

Remember to back Third Crusade on Kickstarter to be sure you will be able to enjoy this one of a kind gaming experience again and again. We know you will love Third Crusade as much as we do!

Third Crusade market cards

You can also check out Kartini - From Darkness to Light and Third Crusade on Tabletop Simulator throughout the campaign using the link from the Kickstarter page or by joining our Discord for an exclusive playtest.

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