Monthly newsletter January 2024

Monthly newsletter January 2024

In the beginning of the week the monthly newsletter for January was sent out. 

New Games in the New Year, App release and Dinos! Here follows a short summary from the newsletter.

Release Schedule for 2024

We’ll kick off the year with the next High Frontier module launching on Gamefound on January 23. High Frontier 4 All module 5 Economy - the art of investing to create wealth. 
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High Frontier 4 All module 5 preview image
Later in the spring we will present a beautiful game about dinosaurs. Dino Dynasty is a game where the players represent dinosaur species from the Cretaceous period that struggle to survive over epochs of time. Dino Dynasty is a collaboration between ION Game Design and the renowned and celebrated artist Johan Egerkrans.
Dino Dynasty board game preview image

App releases 2024

The development for Neanderthal and Greenland apps are now after several years finally done. The apps will be available on Google Play, App Store and Steam in February.

We also have an internal team developing the High Frontier app that will be released during this year. This app will have a scientific mod similar to the board game and a casual mod adapted to mobile phones.


From Admin

Ion Game Design board games preview image
Several new products are now reaching our fulfillment centers in China, USA, UK and Germany.  You might have already received a email from our website that game being shipped and this is because we have sent list to the fulfillment centers so they can start preparing the shipments. 

List of products soon at all four fulfillment centers.

By the beginning of the year Longpack Manufacturer also completed the mass production of Pax Viking Junior and shipment to our fulfillment centers have just started. Pax Viking Junior is the first game completed in our collaboration with World Book.


Next in line to start production is Vendel to Viking and StegegetS Solar System and then Pax Hispanica.


See updated ION Production Pipeline. 


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