FAQ ION Digital

This FAQ answers the most common questions about ION Game Design’s Digital versions. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, you can send it  to ion.app@iongamedesign.com


At ION we always try to improve our games and our way of doing things. So we are curious to hear from all of you, our players out there in the world. Do not hesitate to write a review, or contact us directly at ion.app@iongamedesign.com if you want to share your thoughts about the game with us. We also offer those who are interested to become alpha and beta testers of our games. If you are interested in this, email ion.app@iongamedesign.com


Q: How does my account for High Frontier work?

A: No account will be created specifically for our games. You will use your Apple ID account on iOS devices, Google Play account on Android devices and Steam account on PC. 


Q: Is it the same gameplay as the tabletop game? 

A: Mostly, the game is heavily inspired by the tabletop game and inherits many of its mechanics. Since we do not have any limitations in components, we have redesigned some core mechanics of the game to fit a digital version better.

Q: Does this mobile version feature mobile-specific features?

A: No, we do not want to add features that are specifically made for mobile. This is because we do not want to downgrade the Steam version that will also be released. 

Q: Are there any differences between the Steam and app version?

A: The mobile version has the exact same content & features as the Steam version. The only difference will be UI changes and controls to fit a keyboard and mouse rather than touch controls.


Q: How much will the game cost?


Q: I regret a purchase I made, can I have it refunded?



Q: I've found a bug, what should I do?

A: Please submit it in our bug report sheet. It can be found by clicking here. We will do our best to fix it as soon as possible. 

Q: On what platforms can I play the game?

A: The game will be released on iOS, Android and PC (Steam)

Q: I've got a new phone/tablet. Do I have to buy the app again?

A: No, the game is purchased under your iOS or Google Play account (or Steam account on PC). If you have any problems regarding purchases with that account, please contact the customer service of the company who owns your account.