Top 5 points about Interstellar!

Top 5 points about Interstellar!

The Top 5 points you need to know about our new board game Interstellar:
Interstellar board game box
1. Interstellar is a Tabletop RPG in the High Frontier Universe.

2. Interstellar is unique in that it begins as a cooperative game but then can change to veeeery competitive later on. Be careful who you align with! Can you really trust your friends? Are they even your FRIENDS? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

3. If you are looking to play High Frontier but there are folks in your game group who aren't convinced it is the right game for them, try Interstellar and once ther're hooked - lure them in to High Frontier 4 All right after.

4. Love Stationfall but feeling a bit Serious? Interstellar has been called a more serious version of Stationfall and we can so see that. None of those silly telepathic rats in this one. Just harsh deep dark space and your wits to save you.

5. Looking for a great gaming experience that leaves you with a GREAT Story? You never know what tales will come out of a game of Interstellar. (Did you marry a competitor and then watch your children miss their landing on Sirius by a star's length? Aww dangit. Those darn kids.)

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