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Third Crusade Board Game

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How to play



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Prosecute or defeat the third crusade in this card-driven war game. Command armies to seize resources, send emissaries to build alliances, and perform pious feats to ensure standing with the faith. But every choice has a cost. Players must tread a fine line between strengthening their position and granting too much power to their opponents over the events that shaped the conflict.

Game designer:  Kieran Symington

Game developer: Matti Bergh, Björn Ekenberg

Artist: Madeleine Fjäll

Complexity: 3.5

How to play?

In Third Crusade, you play as an Army of either the Muslim or Crusader Alliance during the early 1190s. Your goal is to accumulate Glory through conquering and controlling Regions and defeating enemy Armies.

Sequence of play - Third Crusade is played over 3 years, divided into 4 rounds. Each round has 5 phases.

1. Strategy phase: Players strategically place Event Cards on the Bidding Board and choose cards for their opponents. Their choices will affect how many command points they get to spend on executing Orders.

2. Planning phase: Players alternate placing Orders until all players have passed.

3. Command phase: Players alternate activating an Event Card or an Order. Players Battle their opponents by trying to conquer each other's Regions, gaining Glory based on how well they succeed.

4. Diplomacy phase: Players bid for rewards on the Diplomacy Card and Board.

5. Upkeep phase: Players gain Glory and different resources.

If at any point during the game, an Alliance reaches 10 Glory points, the game is over.


  • rulebook
  • 2 map board
  • player boards
  • bidding board
  • diplomacy board
  • player aids
  • event cards
  • mission cards
  • objective cards
  • orders
  • 400+ punchout tokens




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