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Yimby Board Game

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How to play

Each turn you play one card from your hand, either a scoring card which is secretly discarded or put aside to influence final scoring, or an event card which ads new action spaces to the map or has immediate effects. Then you can activate action spaces on the map, move your pawn, develop new real estate projects (adding cubes to the map), take loans and finally you draw cards up to your variable hand limit.




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Manufacturer:  Mondainai

Yimby boardgame infographic

MSRP $59

Yes In My Backyard!

Work against your fellow real estate developers to make the city of Stockholm into a dense and tall version of its present state. In this boardgame you need to influence politics and policy to your advantage, increase population density by building crammed housing, close city airports and parks and, for all that’s holy, make sure the nightclubs are in your areas!

Designer: Harald Enoksson