Pax Illuminaten clue 5 and playtest the game

Pax Illuminaten clue 5 and playtest the game

Gameplay Highlights

Pax Illuminaten is big game in a small box and small footprint. Here follows highlights of the design:

  • Players will explore a map of “luminaries” (18th century figures) and build co-occupied networks of connections as they try to accomplish variable game-winning plots.
  • The mix of victory conditions changes every game, with a high degree of interaction as players strive to outmaneuver (something fighting, sometimes collaborating) with their opponents to achieve the victory conditions first.
  • Multi-purpose and multi-suited cards create deep decisions and tough calls. Cards are used for building the map and accomplishing goals, resource generation, actions, and resolving battles between players.
  • Core mechanics include: area control, territory/network building, and hand management. Mix in a dose of negotiation and double-think/bluffing.

You can check out Pax Illuminaten and playtest the game on Tabletop Simulator:

Pax Illuminaten rules are here:

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Looking for the next clue see image below :)

Boardgame Pax Illuminaten in play. Clue nr 4 in the image
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