X-mas Calendar day 10

Meet our Facebook!

Join us on Facebook! If we cant hang out IRL, then let's do it online! Tag us in pics when you're playing our board games, we want to see how it's going, how you are doing, who's winning! Ok, so the pic above isn't really our Facebook, it is at our very IRL offices in Stockholm, but it could be a representation of us all hanging out on the interwebz! The game being playtested here is Stationfall, and the players are Jon, Pål and Robin The Power Pointer. They will all appear in this, our digital Xmas calendar, so join in on all the fun every day until December 24th! 

Who would you like to play board games with this holiday season? Give em a shout on whatever forum you have them, and tell em you miss them. And maybe send a virtual hug. 

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