X-mas Calendar day 6

Meet Bruss!

(He's the semi fuzzy one)

The designer behind our upcoming board game DerrocAR! (Just a couple hours left on the crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound! Hurry!) 

When we were speaking of all things Christmas Bruss Brussco had this to say:

"Christmas is coming! and here in Argentina that means “VITEL TONE”!!! 

A very refreshing meat, because here we cheer with more than 30º in the shade. A tasty ice cream is also welcome (everyone chooses Dulce de Leche flavor but I prefer Pistachio). This year is very special for us because Uma is ready to enjoy her gifts! And Santa never forgets to bring something to Roque and Arturo, the Golden and Scottish Terrier that are part of our family. Hoping this holiday will be more peaceful than those from 20 years ago represented in DerrocAr."

30 degrees in the shade! Around our Stockholm office it's just a tad chillier than that. Just a tad. We hope you have lovely weather, in what ever form it may be, to get you in the holiday spirit. And we hope you can share that with your family members, fuzzy or otherwise. 

Join us tomorrow as we open the next door on our Xmas calendar countdown!


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