X-mas Calendar Day 5

Meet Madde!

The Artist behind the artwork on for instance Pax VikingStegegetS and the upcoming Sammu-ramat. And meet her cat Tristan! One of her floofy furbabies, who has an allergy to dust, which is a tad unfortunate since he happens to gather quite a lot of it in his snow white fur while sneaking around doing secret cat stuff under beds and up on shelves. When Madde isn’t getting up quickly enough to make him his breakfast, he chews electrical cords or randomly screams. This method has proven to be quite effective since the whole Chomping Through Maddes’ Favourite Lamp situation. Other than that they get on like a house on fire. Lots of cuddles, contemplation and candy. Please notice the matching outfits. *smol xmas heart attack because CUUUUUTE*

And oh, yeah. Since it’s Sunday, we promised a little treat! Today we offer this at your feet: Use the discount code 


to get 15% on StegegetS in our webshop! (Just enter the code at check out, valid until December 12th!)

Join us tomorrow for the next chapter in our advent calendar, who might be behind the next door? Merry Sunday lovliness to you all until then.

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