Pax Hispanica spot checking and files getting ready for manufacturer

Pax Hispanica spot checking and files getting ready for manufacturer

There has been a queue in production here at ION that we are working through. To decrease a queue is a gradual process, and it is continuously decreasing, which is great! We have just received 7 different products/games to our fulfillment centers and one more game (Pax Viking Junior) is on vessel on its way to the fulfillment centers.  We try to keep the Production Pipeline update so you have information about your orders/ pre-orders. See link.

Next in line to start production is Vendel to Viking and StegegetS Solar System and after that Pax Hispanica

To prepare Pax Hispanica for manufacturing we have started going through all files for standard and deluxe version very carefully. This is taking some weeks, but the process is necessary to make sure it is both what we want it to be, working the way it should and clear to the players when it comes to text and art. To also check the meeples in the game we are  3D printing the components and colouring it in the colors that it will be in end product. 

In addition to just check files, we also playtest a couple of rounds using all printed component to make sure the UI is working. 

See images from the prototypes we print out in the office for checking. The metal coins in the image is from Pax Viking. And sometimes the 3D printing does not go as planned, but nice picture :)

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