Values Statement

At Ion Game Design, we believe that the diversity within our team is our strength. We believe in an inclusive workplace and do not accept any form of discrimination, no one should be denied opportunities because of their identity or beliefs. Qualifications, skills, and experience are the basis for recruitment, placement, training, and advancement of our employees at all levels. In line with this, we also want to fight inequality and contribute to creating a more non-discriminatory world outside Ion Game Design.

There is still a gender gap in society, reflecting the ongoing discrimination faced by women in their workplace, which we at Ion Game Design find unacceptable. We believe that inclusion is not enough; real impact is made when power and money are controlled by women. We want to lead by example and the top positions at Ion Game Design are held by women (CEO and Advisory Board president) in addition to the women and people from diverse backgrounds we have as external lead game designers. We also want to showcase strong women in history as in Sammu-ramat or the jarls in Pax Viking. Representation is important in all aspects of life, including when you play games, and we also aim to include an even mix of women and men as characters in our games as well as including other gender identities. This can be seen in many of our games, for example Stationfall, Expedition Zetta, and Dawn on Titan.

Racism continues to be prevalent which we also believe is unacceptable. Ion Game Design condemns all expressions of visible and invisible discrimination, harassment, and racism in all its many forms. The solution is bigger than the efforts of any single organization, yet we believe businesses have a responsibility to help lead. Our goal is to contribute to a more accepting world by creating board games that inspire change, both now and in the future. Inspiring toward a world with less intolerance and discrimination. By representing themes that also show parts in history that are usually hidden or forgotten, we hope to bring clearer perspective of the diversity that has always existed in this world but is often not remembered or purposely left out. We want to be involved in creating real change, even if the tool for doing so is used in an indirect and entertaining way.

We encourage our partners and customers to do the same. We can all keep the discussion going so we do not forget and continue to improve. All human rights should be enjoyed by all people “without distinction of any kind” and regardless of their status; including, but not limited to their nationality, ethnic background, gender, cultural origin/affiliation, sexual preference, religion, financial status, age, disability, parental status and education.

In addition to fighting discrimination in society, we believe global warming to be the biggest challenge in society today. We believe that the rise in temperature, caused by emissions from human burning of fossil fuel as well as chain effects generated by this, will cause disasters and loss of life and material values to a serious extent. All people and all companies need to do whatever they can to contribute to minimize these disasters. In particular, as a company that manufactures goods, such as board games in our case, this can be done in many ways, from choice of transportation to processes in manufacturing.

Our goal is to continuously improve on the various ways we make our games and to inspire manufacturers, shipping companies, and other collaborators to do the same. All of these important efforts are vital to making, maintaining, and keeping a better world for us all to live in. May this coming year and the hopefully many years ahead lead us to a better today and tomorrow as well as a clearer perspective and representation of the past for all generations.