X-mas Calendar Day 1

Welcome to Ions electronic Swedish X-mas Calendar 2021! 

Everyday until December 24th we are opening a new door together, revealing things related to Ion Game Design. Games, people, concepts, counting down together until X-mas! The Swedish X-mas, that is, which is celebrated on December 24th. So for our friends out there in the world who might celebrate differently, we encourage you to join in on our countdown as a additional way to get in the seasonal cozy mood.

And not only that, every Sunday until the 19th we will have special digital "presents" that might come in handy for those looking to buy board games, nudge, nudge, hint, hint. These will last a full week each.

So get your woollen socks on, boil a cup of hot cocoa, write your wish list of board games to Santa and let the X-mas countdown begin! *bells and reindeer sounds in the background getting stronger* 

Let's begin. 

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