April 22, 2018

EXTRA EXTRA! Peat Drama in Germany!

By Besime Uyanik
EXTRA EXTRA! Peat Drama in Germany!
During one of his many excursions in to the wilderness of Baden-Württemberg {in contrast to Jon's lyrical account, there really isn't any wilderness in Germany}, doing research for his games, Phil Eklund slipped during a dangerous crossing in a remote wetland  {the reality is that 
after months slaving the IRS deadline, I spontaneously decided to celebrate the day after with a little relaxing birdwatching}. One moment, Phil was a brave explorer of German fauna, the next moment he was slowly sinking into the swamp, unconscious and with broken bones in his body. {I stupidly fell off the flimsy plank boardwalk into Weingartner Moor. If you examine the background of my facebook photo, that is the Moor where I fell}.
What had occurred was that he fell while climbing through a giant windthrow. The fall snapped his fibula and the pain from this rendered him unconscious. If it hadn't been for a heroic act by a professional nature photographer {This has a grain of truth. I encourage everyone to visit my rescuer's beautiful website http://www.dieschultners.de/index.html, and leave a note of thanks. If Antje had not happened by, I would have had to painfully crawl back to my bicycle, which would have really messed up my leg}, who randomly happened to be in the vicinity, Phil could by now have been on his way towards becoming a bog body! {a friend of mine, Ursel, told me that they really had recovered prehistoric "Moorleiche" from this swamp, in which facial expressions could be discerned}
But fortunately for him and in front of all for the entire boardgame community, Phil was saved and is now recovering in his home. He is temporarily forced to use a wheelchair and has to have a cast for six weeks. This will delay shipments of the games you can see in the photo and replacement parts. But he will be able to bring his amazing and special games to the world for many years to come. He says hi to you all! {In reality, I never said such.}