High Frontier 4 All new ETD and preview Module 3

New estimated delivery is  for High Frontier 4 All core game, module 1 and module 2 is postponed to August/September. We are really sorry for the delay.

Note that this new estimates are still nothing more than an estimate; timelines might slide due to many things outside your control right now. It is, and will continue to be, very difficult to predict when things can be delivered since we work with so many external parties, but we do our best to give some kind of estimations.

We just recently got the information by our manufacturer Longpack that the mass production will start first in about two weeks and we will first get another sample of the complete game.

Module 3 

For those of you that might be interested there is now a preview video with Phil Eklund, Justin Grey and Jon Manker for the latest module: Module 3 - Conflict.


HF4 on Tabletop Simulator 

You are also welcome to use our official Tabletop Simulator modules to play High Frontier 4 All. The new version includes all Modules, updated components and cards:


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