May 02, 2015


By Besime Uyanik

SUCCESS ON KICKSTARTER!! Our game HIRÞ managed to get funded, check out the page HERE And HIRÞ has also been nominated for “Most Anticipated Abstract Boardgame of 2016” at BGG  and ended up to be the 7th most anticipated abstract boardgame in the world 2016!
HIRÞ have received two reviews, both great, by Another Dungeon and  Beards and Boardgames

HIRÞ is a 2-player abstract strategy game were two leaders (Viking Kings) fight in an archipelago. The first to push the other players king of the board wins. The game will be produced in wood and cloth, with deluxe versions made of leather and iron. The design idea was to make a game that feels as if it could have been played by vikings during their travels. This has according to playtesters succeeded well, almost 100% of them believed that this was actually a replica of a real viking game. The second ambition was to make a game with as few spaces as possible (number of squares) and still have it interesting to play. Although it has only 11 squares the combination of three different abilities of the pieces and the mechanic of using moves to build stronger units makes the gameplay challenging.  Play time ~20-60 minutes.