Sammu-ramat & DerrocAR campaign on Gamefound!

Check out our campaign for Sammu-ramat and DerrocAR on Gamefound!

Immerse yourself in history with the two newest board games from Ion Game Design. Rule 9th Century BC Assyria as Queen Sammu-ramat with help from advisors and your fellow games in this cooperative game for 1-5 players. Almost three centuries later, assert yourself to the Argentinean Presidency in the middle of the notorious political crisis of 2001-2002 in this competitive game for 1-5 players.


Why back us now?

At Ion Game Design we fully embrace the crowdfunding path for our games making it the standard way we introduce our games to the market. There are several reasons why. 
- Community. First and foremost we believe in a continuously evolving relationship with our players. Through Gamefound we can share the later parts of the development process with you all and open up for feedback and other involvement.
- First access.You are ensured to get the game in the first wave of shipping, the same wave that is sent to shops.
- Good price. We always offer our games at a good price for those who back them on Gamefound. In addition we also offer combination packs at even better prices that are normally not found later in our webshop.
- Only actual shipping cost. As usual we will only add actual shipping costs to any order, nothing extra for handling. This will be added afterward in the pledge manager which avoids it being increased by campaign fees as well.
- Combined shipping advantage.The pledge manager will as usual contain addons and all our other games. We will combine the shipping costs for all extra items bought in the pledge manager and any games backed during the Kickstarter.
- Be a supporter of our efforts for the benefit of all. By backing the games you make it possible for us to have a more stable development process and to order larger print runs, and thus making it possible for the price per game to be lower for all of you.
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