WARP – Wielding the Universe

We’re pleased to introduce “WARP – Wielding the Universe”, a universe exploration game for two to four players. The game is based on real data of stars in a way that the whole universe may be randomized in a single dice throw. WARP may be played in a simplified or a full experience version.

The players take part in a journey using the first version ever of a warp drive. The goal is to travel star systems in distant galaxies and bring home discoveries in the form of knowledge, life, substances and Zero-G product items. The more each player bring home, and the more variety there are in what they bring home, the more fame they receive. The player with the most fame turns out to be the winner. This prototype-grade warp drive is effective but naturally hard to steer. This makes the persons travelling with it part explorers and part test pilots on a brave journey into the unknown.The travelers jump between galaxies together in a convoy, connected to a mothershipthat houses the warp drive.

Travelers spend about nine months on each star system, in three turns. They all travel individually and compete to make discoveries that can earn them the much needed fame. At the end of period spent at each star system, they spend a turn of about three months warp-travelling and interacting with the other members of the crew.

If you are a player in the crew, then it times to win an edge over others. You couldtry convincing them to lend you their equipment, convince them that their discoveries really were yours, try to affect the motherships warp computer or maybe entice other crew members to have them live on your ship during the next system.

During the warp, the warp driver tries to jump back to earth. If it succeed, the game ends and the scores are finalized. In other case you end up in another star system, where you collect discoveries again. Play time ~60-180 minutes.

On your marks, get playing!

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