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Sammu-Ramat Board Game

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How to play

How to play?

In this 1-5 player co-op board game, you will choose one of the Advisors surrounding the Assyrian royal court as your personal Advisor. Each advisor has a persistent power and a special action. Any advisor not chosen at the start of the game will still be possible to take actions with during the game, as Public advisors, with a less powerful action.  In the Action phase you select which Character Sammu-ramat consults during your turn. This can be your Personal Advisor, any Public Advisor, or Sammu-ramat herself. In any case you are the one making sure her will is being carried out. 

The available actions are Character’s Special Action, Move, Attack, Trade and Play Ashur Card. You can take any combination of your available Actions, including several of the same. In addition you may do the Free trade actions any number of times.

In addition, your actions have long-term effects on the game. Some actions add positive or negative effects to a bag and in future turns when you may have to draw from it, you may be at an advantage or disadvantage because of it.  Your actions let you do resource management, military strategy, and economic planning and together you try to make the best of them in relation to your available advisors.



  • Map Board
  • Empire Board
  • Save Sheets
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • Challenge Cards
  • Character Cards
  • Ashur Cards
  • Event Cards
  • Player Aid Cards(Actions and Icons
  • Token Aid Cards(Tech and Effect Tokens
  • Punchout Tokens(Tech, Goods, Effects, Characters
  • Empire Meeples(Military, Diviner, Supply, Medicine, Enemies, Ishtar Gate)