Greenland 3rd edition


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Imagine you are a tribe on an island slowly freezing over. The supply ships stop coming, and the only means to survival is intermarriage to discover the survival secrets of the other cultures: Tunit, Vikings, Inuit, Sea Sami. 

In Greenland you get to play through a momentous period of human history. You play as one of the peoples who attempted to colonize Greenland during the Middle Ages. This version of Greenland also includes the little-known Sea Sami expansion pack.

"With Greenland, Phil Eklund has succeeded in designing a game that does deliver moments to remember." - Doug Snyder / Boardgamegeek

"Greenland offers a solid entry into the solitaire field." - Doug Snyder / Boardgamegeek

Compared with the 2nd edition, introduces a 4th player (Sea Sami), custom meeples for each tribe, new domestic animals and daughters, upgraded art, new play aids. Contains 63 cards, 4 elder boards, 72 custom meeples, 4 large meeples, 52 disks for energy, ivory, and iron, 10 dice.

Designed by Phil Eklund, the designer of High Frontier and Pax Porfiriana. Art by Karim Chakroun 


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