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Bios: Mesofauna Board Game

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How to play

How to play?

Start with an archetype species, and evolve into up to 6 more swimming, flying, burrowing, armored, or parasite species.

Build a portrait of each species that gives you victory points according to its pheromones and population. 

Use a diceless contest mechanic to see which carnivore, herbivore, or parasite is the fittest to survive in a particular pollinator, herbivore, or carnivore niche.



  • Rulebook
  • Mutation cards
  • Player aid cards
  • Species cards
  • Cratons punchouts
  • Fossil chits
  • Organ cubes
  • Dice
  • Yellow flower tokens




Game designer: Phil Eklund

Living rules and other files, administrated by respective game designer.



(NOTE pictures only drafts and might not be included in the final game. Please be aware that changes in shipping dates may occur due to this crazy world we live in. We promise to do all we can to make this wonderful game available as fast as we possibly can!)

PRE-ORDER ESTIMATED SHIPPING Q2, 2024 (Changes in dates may occur.)

The Cambrian period was an explosion of complex lifeforms. These included arthropods, which crawled from the oceans to dominate the terrestrial world as insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. Bios:Mesofauna is their story.

The game starts with the invasion of the land about 450 million years ago and is an Alternate 2nd Game in the Bios Trilogy. It follows the same sort of Achterbahn environment, same climate change, same or similar creeples, same VP, same tiles, same card colors, same cratons and drift, same basic and Achterbahn games, same catastrophes, same greenhouse, cloudiness, and oxygen. Same terrestrial settings. All of these are production and development advantages. The setting is the same, only the animals are smaller. 

Game designer: Phil Eklund, Jon Manker

Artist: Madeleine Fjäll

Complexity: 3.80