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Derrocar is a card game about the week of five presidents. More info to follow! (Maybe join our newsletter, scroll down to subscribe! And no, it's not "sold out", that's just our webshop programming being difficult. It will be very available as soon as it's ready!) 

Game designer: Bruss Brussco

Artist: Anne Isaksson

Complexity: 3.00

How to play?

In this 1-5 player board game you play as the Senators and Governors of the provinces, all seeking to outmaneuver the others and become the next President of the República Argentina. In a country tired of politicians, you need to prove that you are the least bad option, by making sure that the provinces of the other governors are full of conflicts. By making it look like your opponents cannot even manage their own provinces, they will be even less able to manage the country. The game
ends when a player is declared President


  • Event cards
  • Lobby cards
  • Game board
  • Market cards
  • Support tokens
  • Conflict tokens
  • Decree cards
  • Law proposal cards

(Please be aware that changes in shipping dates may occur due to this crazy world we live in. We promise to do all we can to make this wonderful game available as fast as we possibly can!)


BGG Review by Martin Gallardo

How To Play (Spanish) by designer Bruss Brussco: