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HIRÞ - The Viking Game of Royal Combat (RETAIL)

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an abstract strategy game in which two leaders (Viking kings) fight over control of a piece of land. The first to either control the five middle spaces or push the other player's king off the board wins.

Game designer: Jon Manker

Artist: Jon Manker

Complexity: 1.50

How to play?

players start on each short end of the board and take turns. Each turn they can make five moves. For a move, a player either moves one piece (Hird or King) one step, moves a Hird into or off a Karve (boat), or moves a Karve and all Hirds on it one step. A Karve may have at most four Hirds on it. Pieces entering empty spaces have to stop. Pieces entering enemy-controlled spaces stop on the line between the spaces. After a player's five moves, any conflicts (pieces on lines) are resolved.


  • Cloth 
  • Map
  • Wooden and fabric pieces
  • Viking coin



Game designer: Jon Manker

Living rules and other files, administrated by respective game designer.


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