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The starship Exodus departs in haste from a troubled Solar System. Players must negotiate risks and challenges together in a cooperative sense and survive the journey, but competitively, must have the most victory points to win. Because of extreme mass limits, players start with two heavily augmented teenagers plus frozen human embryos, eggs, and sperm. The ship is a generation ark on an interstellar voyage lasting over a century.

  • Interstellar is a stand-alone cooperative-competitive game for 1 to 6 players, also playable as a successor game to High Frontier in combination with Module 4-Exodus. It can also work as the 5th part of our game series on the evolution of life: (Bios:GenesisBios:MegafaunaBios:Mesofauna, Bios:OriginsHigh Frontier 4 All and Interstellar).
  • All players travel in the Exodus starship; a modular game component consisting of a number of blueprint placards that will erode, malfunction, and be eaten by gray-goo. 
  • Players must negotiate risks and challenges together in a cooperative sense to survive the journey, but competitively, the one with the most victory points wins. 
  • A large map featuring our nearest stars binds it all together; here you plan and execute your journey. As with High Frontier, everything on this map is based on real facts about outer space.
  • The journey lasts for generations, maybe 100 years, maybe more. You will probe potential star systems, maintain the ship and develop technology for sanity, anti-cancer, survival, terraforming, and colonization.
  • One player is the commander and makes the most important decisions, but this player needs to stay popular, or a new commander can be chosen among the players via mutiny. 
  • Each turn spans 12 years. A market of developments represents what you spend your time on and discover. An ideology chart tracks how the players’ mutual loyalties evolve.

    Designer: Phil Eklund, Justin Grey

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    Playing time: 60-120 min

    Age: 14+


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