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Pax Hispanica Board Game

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How to play

How to play

With this historical theme and the asymmetrical gameplay, your victory conditions and the future are set by the choices you make in battle and in treachery. And there are many strategic choices to be made in Pax Hispanica! Buy cards from the market, build, and develop your colonies, missions, and fleets. Fight at sea or land, outsmarting your opponent in open battle or perhaps in a duel! Advance on the Philosophy Board to shape the world in your image and claim victory! 




Cardboard 2 Piece Box (297x297x70mm)
Philosophy Board
Rosetta Stone Board
6 Playmats 
114 Cards (100 Market, 10 Haven, 4 Battle)
Meeples wood
Barques wood
Galleon wood
Chests wood
Dice wood

Punchboard including:
Cathedrals Standee
Disks for Colonies 
Bibles for missionaries 
Figures Standee 
Forts with colony fit inside 
1 Dove (white).
Gold (doubloons)
Timeline indicator

ESTIMATED SHIPPING  Q3,2024, changes in dates may occur.

Pax Hispanica is an economical, asymmetric strategy game featuring nautical pirates.

For more than 100 years, World Book has been the world’s premier reference source that stands for trust and expansive knowledge, covering almost every subject imaginable. Pax Hispanica is one of the board games being launched in the partnership between World Book and Ion Game Design.


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In this game you will start as a callow teenager seeking fame and fortune in the Caribbean in 1598. Over the course of the game your adventures will take your career in many directions. You can become a great liberator, an influential priest, a strong ourtier, or a legendary pirate of the Caribbean. Being the 17th Century, the Spanish crown owns almost everything but the black market is everywhere as well and nothing is safe from the pillaging of buccaneers! 

The game features intricate and time efficient naval battles and a rich web of possible strategies.

Note. All art and rules are still work in progress.