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Co-op boardgame where you play as advisors to the queen Sammu-ramat in the Assyrian empire circa 800 B.C. 

The designer Besime Uyanik has this to say about designing this game:

"The overall vision of this game was to create awareness and a nuanced image of the Neo-Assyrian empire and highlighting a strong female character.
The Assyrians are remembered from their inscriptions and Biblical references as brutal warriors. For several centuries they were the greatest military power in the civilized world. Their armies were innovative, and they appear to have been among the first to use large bodies of cavalry effectively. However, they are more than that and within the Assyrian Empire there were significant advances in technology, philosophy, the arts and science.

Sammu-ramat was a wife of King Shamshi-Adad V and after he died in 811 BC, she ruled the Neo-Assyrian Empire as its regent for five years until her son Adad-nirari III came of age. She ruled at a time of political uncertainty, which is one of the possible explanations for why Assyrians may have accepted her rule (as normally a woman as ruler would have been unthinkable). In the city of Ashur, she had an obelisk built and inscribed, which read:
Stele of Sammu-ramat, queen of Shamshi-Adad, King of the Universe, King of Assyria, Mother of Adad Nirari, King of the Universe, King of Assyria, Daughter-in-Law of Shalmaneser, King of the Four Regions of the World.
Hundreds of letters, queries and reports show scholars advising the Assyrian royal family on matters ominous, astrological and medical, often with direct impact on political affairs. Along with court poetry and royal prophecies, they give an extraordinary vivid insight into the actual practice of scholarship in the context of the first well-documented courtly patronage of scientific activity in world history. In this cooperation game you are one of the scholars, coming from different geographical areas, advising the royal family."

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See what Besime "Queen B" Uyanik has to say about the game when she and Liz from Beyond Solitaire have a chat on their podcast:

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