X-mas Calendar day 22

For those of you here in Stockholm, we present this very extra special treat today! We’ve hidden a Xmas present somewhere in the city! *manic contained giggles* Yes! It's true! Hurry before anyone else gets there first! (What could it be, you ask? Well, consider the business we are in, could there be a clue in there somewhere perhaps?)

The clues to find it are as follow:

  • Find the island of hipsters
  • Search out a house of worship connected to another holiday by name.
  • Near one of the corners of the building you will find an a-ok coloured container, filled with tiny bits of mountain.
  • Search it, behold and rejoice!
You are very welcome! If you enjoy your present, please tag us in social media, we’re curious how you liked it! For those of you unable to participate in this treasure hunt, maybe we should do more of these all around the world in 2022? Hmm, that’s a great idea, thank you! We’ll see what we can do to make that happen.

Only two days until Xmas! *excited jumping and high pitched squeaks commences* Join us tomorrow as we meet the reason for Ion Game Design!
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