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Vendel to Viking Board Game (RETAIL)

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How to play


You represent a family in one of the Nordic cultures that evolves into one of the prominent families of the Viking era. Each turn represents a generation and you seek to include the best formidable persons in your family as you evolve from generation to generation. You place family members on the map and use them for accessing different effects in various locations, such as worker actions or for even elevating them into a formidable person. When elevated to status, the family member is linked to a character card taken from a market and moved to an achievement tree. The Character goes to your family board and both their presence in the achievement tree and on the family board affects your family’s opportunities for the rest of the game.

You must plan well before the centuries run out! The first to hold two Future-level achievements in the achievement tree wins. If no player manages to do so before a set number of turns, the one with the most points wins.

In addition to having a robust Solo Mode, the end state of Vendel to Viking will interface with the starting state of a game of Pax Viking making it possible to play the two games as a Campaign.




  • Rulebook (The one you are reading) 
  • Player aids (Rules summary for when you know the game)

Boards / Trays

  • Map board
  • Achievement board
  • Formidable market board


  • Silfr
  • Gull
  • Achievement standees
  • Home markers
  • First player marker
  • Round marker
  • Family member tokens


  • Venture tiles
  • Formidable person cards

Wooden Components 

  • Longships

Bonus content

  • New Jarlboards for Pax Viking
  • Map overlay placard for Pax Viking
  • New Pax Viking tiles

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Legendary achievements during the Viking era prelude! 

Designed by ION's lead game designer Jon Manker, Vendel to Viking is a standalone board game prequel to Pax Viking for 1 to 6 players.

Game designer: Jon Manker

Artist: Madeleine Fjäll 

Complexity: 3



Vendel to Viking is the first board game being launched in the partnership between World Book and Ion Game Design.  For more than 100 years, World Book has been the world’s premier reference source, and stands for trust and expansive knowledge covering almost every subject imaginable. 

While inspired by the clever mechanisms of Pax Viking, Vendel to Viking includes some significant differences in the game system as well as taking players back to the centuries prior to the Viking era. In Vendel to Viking, you are immersed in Nordic culture between 550 to 800 CE as you build your family’s legacy with every turn.

Vendel to Viking and Pax Viking can be played as a campaign. The end state of Vendel to Viking will interface with the starting state of a game of Pax Viking. Because of this, Vendel to Viking contains a few new Pax Viking components. These can also be used in Pax Viking regardless of if it is played as a part of a campaign.

Vendel to Viking is available for preorders during this period two promo packs "Vendel to Viking promo pack 1" and "Pax Viking promo pack 2" will be added to your order FREE (a 16 USD value).

You can also order Vendel to Viking Metal Coin MSRP 25 USD.